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I strive to capture a moment in time, a slice of everyday life.


My name is Cathy Engberg, and I am an oil painter with a focus on figures. I design compositions that tell a story of unexpected and playful everyday moments.

My paintings are roughly based on photos I’ve taken. My goal is to design a narrative that people can relate to. Recently I’ve been using cold wax medium in my work, which allows me to build up layers and add more texture. Combining the rendering of my figures with a flattening, I to try to achieve a nice balance of realism and abstraction.


Cathy Engberg is a figurative oil painter known for her playful compositions which are filled with light and color and celebrate life's simple moments. She was raised in the Chicago suburbs and is now living and working in Peoria, IL. You can find her most days in her studio which is located at North Art Studios.

Cathy finds inspiration all around her. The compositions she designs begin with the photos she has taken along with her memory and imagination. Her subject matter is easy to relate to, and she hopes to spark the viewers memories.

She has recently added cold wax medium to her process. This allows her to build up layers and add texture to allow previous layers to show through. As a representational artist, she likes to combine rendering of the figure with flattening to balance realism with abstraction in a playful and creative way.

Her work can be found in private collections across the U.S., as well as Canada and England.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy browsing my paintings!






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