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I will be happy to take on commissions. Since I work from photos, agreeing to the commission is very much dependent on the photo I get. I would need a good digital photo, taken without flash and in natural light. if your subject is too small in the photo, blurry or the colors show incorrectly, creating a likeness can be very difficult. (I reserve the right to decline the commission if the photo quality is insufficient.)

For portraits, a close crop of a face which eliminates the background is nice for small paintings. But then photos taken from the side or back of the subject showing a gesture or gait that is personal to them can work great also. These are my most favorite paintings to do and have a more informal feel about them. Images taken outdoors in natural lighting are the best. Unusual angles or views make for interesting compositions. Contact me for suggestions. It is a good idea to send an assortment of photos. Please note that the smaller painting sizes with multiple figures will not be portraits but will capture the likeness and playful mood of the moment.

Once a photo is selected we can then discuss any changes that might need to be made to the background or clothing. For example, eliminating objects and simplifying fabric patterns and color choices. For some commissions I will need to ask for 20% down before I can start. When the painting is done, I will send you a final photo for your approval. Once painting is approved, we can finalize the payment. At this point I set the painting aside to dry for 3 to 4 weeks. The final step is to give it a coat of varnish that will bring the colors back to life and protect it.

As the artist, I retain the copyright on the image. This means I retain the right to use the image of the painting for promotional purposes, including brochures and other printed material, publications including books and articles about my work, and websites.

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